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A respected Chicago journalist uncovers a conspiracy between an American drug company and a secret Cuban biological laboratory, a collaboration that both governments are determined to conceal. The reporter is murdered to prevent publication of his findings, but not before he hands over his research to his close friend, Doug Sutherland. The Cuban and American operations are experimenting with mutated viruses and biological weaponry, and both labs are controlled by a cabal interfering in foreign politics. As Sutherland struggles to expose the conspiracy and bring justice to his murdered friend, he’s the target of several near-fatal attacks. The close calls persuade him that he can no longer rely on luck and self-defense alone but must abandon his scruples and become as ruthless as his cold-blooded antagonists. Sutherland pinpoints which adversaries need to be eliminated and devises a risky plan to carry out the executions. Adopting the role of assassin, he walks a thin wire between life and death.